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A Search Engine Optimization company wants me to hear about how well they will place my website organically on the first page of an internet search.  I really didn’t want to listen or go through the selling pitch or spill, but  they won’t tell you the bottom line a the beginning of a conversation. 

So, I listened for 30 or more minutes.  Answering their questions with a simple yes or no and at some point surfing the internet while listening for key phrases and points that may be important.

When all the while I just want to know “how much?”

We get to the end I hear the price.  I tell him that I think their starting point would be sufficient enough, but the price is too high.

He clears his throat and I hear a little bit of disbelief in his voice and he then proceeds to say

So what your saying is that if you had enough confidence  to build your business, then you’d be interested.

“Huh, no.  If I wanted to pay you an exorbitant fee for six months then I’d be interested.”  Click

Apparently making you feel inadequate is the new sales strategy these days.