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English: Manufactured home built and ready for...

English: Manufactured home built and ready for shipment to your site (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I was the queen of real estate I would require all mobile/manufactured home sellers to disclose what type of foundation they have.  This would keep a lot of buyers from wasting time and money on whether or not a lender will actually loan on the manufactured home.

Mobile/manufactured homes are a big question mark to lenders and they don’t like loaning money to people to buy them. However, if the foundation is set according to HUD regulations along with age verification of the home, it could qualify for a USDA, FHA and or VA loan types.

How do you find out?  The seller would know and if they truly don’t know then it’s up to the buyer to pay a structural engineer to inspect the foundation to let them know.  How frustrating is that?

Seriously, the seller would know.  I say if they don’t, Walk away.  unless you have a good friend or relative who’s a structural engineer who will check it out for you.