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An area south of Hafer Park on Bryant Ave. and just north of 15th street is planning to put in a grocery store rather than a department store.  The plan is pending approval from the Edmond Planning Commission that was submitted by Sooner Investment.

The commission was to hear the proposal on June 19th, but was rescheduled for July 17th.  The Planning Commission typically meets at 5:30pm in the City Council chambers on 10 S. Littler in Edmond.

Attorney for Sooner Investment, Randel Shadid submitted a plan to allow a grocery store be allowed.  The department store that was planned was lost when their tenant moved on.  The grocery store plan is Reasor’s, a Tahlequah-based grocer.

There were promises made when the rezoning of the property happened back in 2006.  Residents of the area want Sooner Investment to uphold those promises.  Lydia Lee of the neighborhood advocacy group Bryant ACCORD III will make sure Sooner Investment keeps those promises. “A lot of promises and concessions were made.  Sooner Investment made tremendous effort in the election process on this.” If things are too different from the original plans, Lee said herself and the Bryant ACCORD II would spring into action.

Shadid for Sooner Investment thinks that this plan will generate $50 million in sales from there and noted that the city will get a profit from the sales tax collected.

Traffic troubles is a concern for that area.  There is already a traffic light on 9th and Bryant and a traffic light just 1/4 mile south of that light.  Pelican Bay will be right next door.  However, it is only opened during the summer months.  Getting in out of that area will be timely and congested.

By Thad Ayers; community connection