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The Edmond City Council approves a proposal to build a $25 million dollar Hilton Garden Inn Hotel with a conference center.  7.13 acres of property was bought for the development.  The upscale hotel and conference center is proposed for the northwest corner of Interstate 35 and Covell Rd. A purchase price of $2.2 million is planned to be taken from the city’s Real Property Tax Fund.

At the council meeting it was pointed out that ‘Everyone recognizes the importance of that intersection. City council man Nick Massey said that “nobody wants to be first and that it’s important for us to be first.”

Accusations that the city is laying the groundwork for an unfair playing field with other city hotels, restaurants and businesses was made at the council discussions.

Discussions continue between the city and partners in development for the city to invest not more than $11 million in land purchases to promote the development of an upscale Hilton Garden Inn Hotel and conference center and a 170,00 square foot sports complex.  A Summit sports complex on the northeast corner of the interchange is in the planning stages as well.

James Coburn, community connection