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In the Wednesday’s Daily Oklahoman there was an article about The Fairfax addition located around Fairfax Golf Course in Edmond, OK.  Home owners are concerned about home builders constructing garden homes in the addition off of Fairfax that is located on the corner of Covell and Sooner Road.  The garden homes plan includes 7500 square foot lots with price ranging from 250,000 – 300,000.

Fairfax home owners are concerned about the lower valuation of the garden homes affecting their higher valued homes.  One female home owners says that, “they will be just cookie cutter homes.”  Probably so.  But, when you don’t own the land next to you.  You don’t have any control over what that owner wants to do with the property.

The plat plans do have to go through the zoning, planning, and mapping stages of approval with The City of Edmond.

However, the Fairfax addition home owners say that they were promised certain conditions when they bought their home.  Those conditions probably were only applied to that development plan.  No one can promise that the owner of the land next to you isn’t going to put in another subdivision with lower priced homes than yours.

But, I’m curious.  Since when did 250,000 – 300,000 for a “garden home” become chump change in Oklahoma?  In Oklahoma if someone can shell out or get a loan for that amount you’re not dealing with uneducated people.  So, WOW!

Building continues and probably is more than enough and/or may even more than what we need and brings the sales of existing homes down.  However, construction keeps the market moving and sustains the economy.  If there is a need for “garden homes” on a golf course, then if you build it they will come.

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