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Many right brained people do not learn about investing  For Creative, big-picture types, investing can seem boring, complicated, confusing and mathy.

A 2011 survey by Aon Hewitt Inc., a risk management and human resources firm in Chicago, found that more workers than ever are participating in employer sponsored defined contribution plans with 75.8% of eligible employees participating in their company’s retirement plan in 2010.

Did you get that?  Well, it took me a while to process it.  I admit that I’m more right brained than left.  I run from my sons math homework when he needs help or I happily stroke my husbands math ego to help him instead.

I do understand simple equations when it comes to real estate.  Not that learning those equations didn’t take me a while too.  However,  If your at an age when you should have already started a retire plan, but didn’t.  Buying real estate investment properties to flip or rent is a great option to fill that nest egg.

Here’s a rental example.  Let’s say you buy a rental property for $80,000. you have to put 20% down, because it is an investment property. So that’s $16,000.  So now you owe $64,000. on the property.  You rent it for $800.00 a month.  Your mortgage payment is $454.00 w/o taxes and insurance for 15 years, conventional loan with 3.375%, if you have excellent credit.  Your making a little bit of profit right now, but after 15 years or less, depending on if you pay more towards your loan, you’ll have a monthly income of $800.00 or more.

Over a long period of time, real estate goes up.  So your $80,000 investment could be more in 15-20 years from now.  The rental market could go up as well. Which means $800.00 a month can be more over time.

You can start at any number with real estate.  Every community, town, neighborhood has it’s own price point.  If you need to start at a smaller investment.  That is possible too.

Now that’s simple math to me.  There are other types of investing.  This math is for a long term investment over time.  A short term investment could be a mobile home that you purchase for $20,000.  and rent it for $500.00 a month for a short amount of time.  Mobile homes depreciate like cars, so this idea is not a good long term choice.

Here are some things to remember.

Learning the basic real estate investment concepts will make property investing decisions easier. The good news is that investing success is not limited to mathematical savants.  The right brain also brings unique talents to the process.

A solid real estate investment plan can help you avoid making emotional decisions. By simply not making the same mistakes that nearly everyone makes can make you look like a genius.