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Has the good news about the housing market sales in Oklahoma stir your motivation to put your house on the market?

If so, make sure your home is ready.  You watch home shows on HGTV or DIY channels, they use the same techniques over and over again.

Paint. Yes paint the walls if you see obvious stains, crayon, kid paint, scratches and if you smoke.  Which, if you do smoke.  Smoke outside.  I know everyone wants their freedom and many use the over reaction of “It’s my house.”  Yes it is your house, but you want to sell the house that is your house.  So what to do?  Be rational and real.  When you want to sell your house your putting a product for sale that you obviously want to sell.  The home is now your product and you must look at it that way.

Clean up. Clean the cabinet doors, entry doors, walls, bathroom tile, ceiling fans, light fixtures, and all of the architecture elements that are seen and that you’ve never thought about cleaning before. Dust anything that is dusty. Like return air vents.  How many times have you walked by your return air vent and seen dust hanging from it?  Or have you looked at all?  When we live in our homes we never clean base boards and rarely wipe down or dust your ceiling fans.  It’s true.

De clutter your house.  It’s easy to do.  Less means more.  buyers don’t want to see your stuff.  They don’t care about your wedding picture and how wonderful looked on that day.  Really!  It’s that important.  Again your putting a product up for sale.  Remove anything personal, pack up books, records, cd’s, dvd’s, extra clothing, shoes, and make sure nothing is on the floor.  Nothing except flooring.  Which, if you don’t have flooring down. Put it down.

These are the three main things that you can do that will make a big difference without spending a fortune.  Paint, Clean and De clutter.

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