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Garth Brooks takes an Oklahoma hospital to court for not honoring a promise to name a facility of the new constructed hospital after his mother, who died of cancer.  I think that if a promise was made it should be honored.  Especially when someone gives you a donation of $500,000 to a professional organization to help with the construction and completion of their project.

I too suffered a non honored agreement.  Not only was it not honored it was twisted by this person into something horrible that I did. During our studies and continued education classes, that we have to obtain in order to keep your real estate licenses.  We are told to put everything in writing and that the statue of frauds highly recommends that agreements be in writing in order to prove without a doubt in a court of law, that an agreement was made and signed by all parties involved.

So, you’d think I would know better.  But, what if it’s someone who’s more experienced than you and makes you feel that they really appreciate you bringing business to their company (who didn’t really have much going on when you signed on)?

It is hard to push and insist that these agreements be in writing.  I understand.  However, after this very expensive learning experience. I want any business deal be put in writing.  If they are truly honorable they will ablige the request. Don’t let them make you feel like your doing something awful by insisting that the agreement be in writing. Because, it won’t just stop with one verbal agreement it continues be other verbal agreements and it all will get confusing and could make you feel stupid for trusting this person and be expensive.

So, for Garth Brooks who won his civil suit agents an Okahoma hopital for not honoring there word.

Well, makes me feel that all persons who goes back on their word and show back character by doing so, should be embarrassed in a court of law.