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or kicking tires?  These are terms for patrons who want to look around and see what’s out there and have made a decision that they would like to buy, but not really sure if they should.

Why do you want to buy a home? Are you growing out of the home you have?  Better schools?  Down sizing? or renting?  Home buying can be stressful and learning what your options are can be overwhelming.

First find out if you can buy.  Pick a lender or banker that can give you the facts that you need.  If you still don’t understand the lending process, than find a Realtor.  We have a way of breaking it down in lamen terms for every ordinary person to understand.  A Realtor can also help you find the right loan type for you based on what you want to do.

Than find out what you can afford.  Find out before you look at homes.  This is very important to your psychi.  If you start looking around at homes that you thought you could afford, but didn’t know that you couldn’t afford.  You could be very disappointed and never be happy with a home that you think you settled on.

In today’s market there are a lot of choices.  Short sale homes, Foreclosure homes and seller owned homes.  There is also a HUD category of listed homes.  All can be very confusing to veteran and first time buyers.  Each property with a selling condition that affects the sale needs to researched by the buyer and with help from someone who can explain it to you.

Figure out when you want to move.  It could be by the time your lease is up, before school starts again in the fall.  Find out when you want to buy and if you can, than find a Realtor who can help you meet your goal and how to meet that goal.

How long do you want to stay in a home that you buy?  A high percent of people move usually every 5 years.  So, what is your situation?  Want a starter home that you can maintain and maybe upgrade a little at a time?  Than your criteria of home is going to be different than that of someone who wants to stay in their new home for 5-10 years.  Those people would want a home that they will be satisfied with for that length of time.

When looking be realistic.  It’s okay to be picky and look and find what you want.  But be open to imperfections and making compromises within your criteria.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that several times an answer to explanations is to find a Realtor.  We work on commission that usually a seller of a home pays for.  So if your going to buy find a Realtor.  We take the time to explain the process to you, because we work and get paid to bring a buyer.  There is nothing leading about this. However, do find a Realtor that fits you and a someone you trust.  If you have any questions about what your Realtor is saying or doing, ASK.