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Are you waiting til spring?  Because you’ve heard or feel that it is the best time to sell.  It is a great time to sell for most families.  But consider this.  It still takes time to sell a home in today;s market and most buyers are looking now and watching properties that they are interested in.

If you plan to test the waters and see what the market will bring.  Now is the .time to list. It will give you the time you want for testing.  But keep in mind that when spring does come around and you still don’t have a contract you will probably have to lower your price. If you don’t the sellers who just want to sell and move on will get your buyer.

If you think or know that you will list your home at market value or price it competitively when the time comes to sell, then spring may be an opinion for you.

Either way don’t waste time.  Families want to sell and buy and have it all done before school starts in August.