Divorce, Probate, Foreclosure and Short Sales

Should you keep the home or sell it and split the proceeds? What if you owe more than it’s worth? Make sure you get an expert and unbiased valuation.

In a divorce both parties stand to lose a great deal, including the home they’ve been living in together. Dividing up your marital real estate assets can become the most complex ordeal you’ll face in the entire process. Whether you handle your own property division or a court handles it for you, there are three crucial steps to the process:

Determining whether the property (or debt) is marital or separate. Agreement between both parties on a value for the marital property.

Deciding how to divide the property.

As a real estate professional you can count on me to keep both parties fully informed at all times of any information related to the sale of the marital property including weekly property activity reports and an Easy-Exit listing agreement that allows you to cancel our listing contract at any time and for any reason.

You can also count on me to provide an accurate and up to the minute sales valuation of your property.

Probate real estate possesses a number of specific facets, and handling can vary markedly from other real estate. Many of the processes of buying and selling probate real estate require a thorough understanding of probate law and probate code. They require the ability to work closely with a probate attorney and answer important questions like “what is probate”, or “what is probate court”.

A Short Sale is when you ask your mortgage holder to take less than you owe. Due to the current market circumstances,  your property isn’t getting offers or your getting offers for less then you owe and your home has been on the market for along time.  You also can’t bring money to closing to help pay off the lien.

There is a lot of paper work and deadlines that have to be followed to qualify and satisfy the lien holder.  We can help you with that.

Foreclosure or Pre-Foreclosure

The bills are due and you can’t pay them and that includes your mortgage.

If you missed a few months of payments the lender will start paper work to foreclose on your home.  You may have time to sell and satisfy the debt.

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